St. Oswald's church in Durham has a fine peal of eight bells which are rung regularly for services on Sundays, for practice on Monday evenings, and for weddings and other special occasions. Bells have rung out from St. Oswald's since at least the year 1553.

Six bells, perhaps using metal from four earlier bells, were cast by Christopher Hodson and hung for English style change ringing in 1694. One of these was recast in 1885. By the mid 20th century the bells were rarely rung in the full circle style and fell into a state of disrepair. Following a long restoration programme beginning in 1970, the bells were replaced by the new ring of eight cast by John Taylor & Co. in 1977. Two of the original Hodson bells are now on display in church.

Please use the menu above for information on our regular ringing times and to arrange a visit either as an individual or as a group. There are also sections on the history of the tower and bells, and details on bell ringing for anyone interested in learning to ring. We are always keen to welcome new members to help us to continue this ancient tradition and art form so if you are thinking of a new hobby which combines gentle exercise of both body and mind, the opportunity to meet new friends, visit church and cathedral towers throughout the country, (and have fun!) please get in touch using the details in the contact section.