Ringers of all abilities are welcome to join us for any of the Sunday service ringing sessions or on the Monday evening practices, and after the practice at 'The Vic'. Please see the Ringing Times section and also check the notices on the right for any changes.

Visiting Groups

Visiting groups of ringers are also welcome, so if you would like to include St. Oswald's on your ringing tour please contact us by sending an email to enquiries@oswaldsbells.org.uk to check on availability of the bells. Provided there are no services or other church bookings the bells are normally available to ring any day or early evening, Monday to Saturday, except Monday and Thursday evenings. Details of weekday services and other church events can be found on the St. Oswald's Church website. One date to avoid arranging a visit to any of the Durham City towers is the second Saturday in every July due to the annual Durham Miners' Gala. If your group would like to ring on a Sunday it can be arranged for you to have exclusive use of the bells to ring before either service or after the 11:00am service. There is a toilet available, located in the vestry.

Peals and Quarter Peals

It is possible to book the bells for peals and quarter peals. Because St. Oswald's is located in a residential area we do restrict the number of peals to three per year and prefer them to be on a Saturday morning. A high proportion of the residents are Durham University students therefore we do not have peals during the month of May and the first two weeks of June. There are no restrictions on quarter peals.


St. Oswald's is located on Church Street, to the south-east of the Cathedral on the opposite bank of the river. It is clearly marked on this tourist information map of Durham. Please note some of the tourist information is out of date, but the map is still valid. There are usually plenty of parking spaces available on Church Street and in Oswald Court but take care not to park in areas designated residents only. On street parking is pay and display between 0800 and 1800 Monday to Saturday and free at all other times. You can park in residents only areas outside those times too. If you are spending all day in Durham one of the cheapest parking options is to use the
Howlands Park and Ride facility which is a five minute drive from St. Oswald's. It is charged per person, not per vehicle, so if you drop your passengers off at the church first only the driver needs to buy a ticket which is currently £2.00 for all day (0700 - 1900).